Word Definitions – Mind Map 2

Word Definitions – Mind Map 2


Level 3

Defining Words
Level 3
“What is a …?”
“Tell me what a … is.”
“Tell me what … are.”

Mind Maps  – will help your child to

  • Talk about and describe an object
  • Give ‘news’
  • Expand his/her vocabulary
  • Find the right word
  • Increase his/her descriptive language
  • Answer questions
  • Ask questions

Example of an activity:

Using the specific prompts radiating out from the centre object you can help your child define a word. You may ask your child to place a counter on each prompt as he describes the object or he may prefer to trace along the line which leads to the prompt.

“Tell me about a hamburger.”

If your child does not respond, you should point to each picture prompt asking the relevant questions:

  • Where do you find it?
  • What can you do with it?
  • What shape is it?
  • What colour is it?
  • What group (semantic class) does it belong in?
  • What parts does it have? (Labelling the parts of objects greatly increases a child’s vocabulary. For example – yolk, white, shell)
  • How does it feel (when touched)?
  • When your child becomes competent with the specific prompts, a generic mind map is provided.

Three Sets of Mind Maps are available:
Word Definitions Mind Map – Set 1
Word Definitions Mind Map – Set 2
Word Definitions Mind Map – Set 3

These sets are not arranged in order of difficulty. Each set consists of entirely different objects. Some children may need to work through all three sets before they achieve a competency in this task. Working through all three sets will greatly help to expand your child’s vocabulary.

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