The Mind Map Advantage

The Mind Map Advantage


Level 3

The Mind Map Advantage can be used to support a child to understand and answer questions. At the same time, this resource will increase a child’s expressive language.

The Mind Map Advantage targets Level 3 of the Blank Model. At this level, a child is required to deal with questions that are more complex and subtle than at earlier levels.

For example, the child is not dealing with immediate experiences, as the objects may or may not be present. In order to achieve a correct response, he must use language to restructure and reorder his experiences whilst attending to less prominent information. Although a child may understand the posed question, he may be unable to formulate a definition.

This resource uses a fixed framework. It will support children …

  • when defining words
  • when answering questions
  • when asking questions
  • who have word-finding difficulties

These activities can be tailored to the needs of every child despite differing ages or abilities – they are perfect for individual OR group activities in the classroom or clinic.

All Wise Words Programs are sent as a download unless otherwise specified.

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Contents: 12 pages including instructions.  2 coloured mind maps, 1 set of coloured prompt cards & more than 130 coloured pictures to use with the mind maps or prompt cards

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