Fish for Functions

Fish for Functions


Level 2

Identifying objects according
to their function/use
Level 2
““What do you use … for?”
“What do you use to …?”
“What do you do with a …?”
“Find something that you can…”

Scanning for an object defined by its function
Level 2

“Find something that you can dig with.”
“Show me something that I can use to … .”
“Point to the ones that I can drink.”
“Touch the ones that you can drive.”

Research indicates that we store and retrieve words more easily if they have been organised into ‘collections’.  Two important ways that we can organise words are by …

Function – what we do with something (eat cake), what we use it for (cut with – scissors) or what it does (a bird flies).

Semantic Class – A ‘word family’ includes groups such as food (cake, eggs, bread, cheese), wild animals (zebra, giraffe, lion, monkey), furniture (chair, bed, table, shelves).

This program provides opportunities to increase your child’s verb vocabulary (action words – jump, dig, eat)..Acquisition of verbs is essential for language development as they help children combine words into phrases and sentences. Children with few verbs may go on to present with disordered language.  Late talking toddlers typically have limited to no verbs in their vocabulary.  Unlike objects or names (ball, dog, Mum, Hugo), verbs (run, eat, push) are transient and are more difficult for a young child to acquire.

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Contents: 7 pages including instructions

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