Therapy resources for children experiencing speech and language difficulties

Wise Words Speech and Language Programs

Articulation Programs

Wise Words Articulation Programs offer parents, teachers and clinicians carefully staged activities as well as many enjoyable and interactive games. Playing these games will help to generalise the ‘new’ sound into everyday speech whilst maintaining the child’s compliance and enjoyment.

I regularly use Wise Words resources in therapy.  The children enjoy the pictures and the questions provided encourage open discussion about the possibilities of the situation illustrated. These resources make providing homework activities quick as they are easily printed and have easy to follow instructions for parents. My particular favourite is the Mind Maps which expand vocabulary and assist with the word finding of students.

Shelley - Kooringal, NSW

The Wise Words programs are a fantastic resource for the preschool and early school age population!  I use Wise Words on a daily basis in the clinic, with small groups and in my classroom. Clients and their families love these interactive games and activities, as they provide endless opportunities to target articulation and language goals at home.

Rachel - Orange, NSW

I love my Wise Words resources and use them every day.  They are such a time saver – I use them in the session or as ready to go homework activities!  The pictures are easily identifiable (and Australian!) with easy to understand instructions for parents.  Loved by parents and kids too.

Caroline - Balmain, NSW

The articulation packs are great for children who need lots of practice working on specific speech sounds.  They target sounds in various word positions, and move up a hierarchy of easy to more complex in order to generalise the sound into the child’s everyday speech.  The pack provides a fantastic range of games and activities making speech practice fun!  An absolute must for a speech pathologist’s tool kit and great for parents who need to work on sounds at home.

Georgia - Rozelle, NSW

All Wise Words materials have proved to be invaluable for children experiencing speech and/or language difficulties. More recent additions of the screening tools have further enhanced the ability to accurately identify the level of the child’s understanding, develop goals and monitor progress. I highly recommend all Wise Words programs.  Take the time to have a look.  You will be excited and motivated.

Nancy - Ingham, Queensland

I love the Wise Words language packs, and use them regularly in providing language therapy for my clients.  All programs contain parent friendly instructions on how to use the materials, and the rationale behind the activities being targeted.  Children love the games and activities.

Georgia - St Leonards, NSW

I have found the Wise Words resources extremely helpful for therapy with children at a range of ages and stages. The instructions are very clear and I feel excited to use evidence-based resources of the highest quality. The activities are very popular with both clients and their parents! My favourite items from the range are the speech sound programs which have a variety of games (keeping both the children and myself motivated!) and the individual book WH- question scripts, as these are so easy for parents to do as home practice.

Vani - Summer Hill, NSW

I do appreciate the framework you have laid out in the Screening Advantage. It has really helped me to comprehend levels of questions so much more. To see the structure surrounding it. Before it was random for me to address these language skills, and I am finding it so much better and more intentional to support a child’s language development.  

Melinda, SA

What we offer

Our programs offer speech pathologists, parents and teachers new tools to address the needs of children with speech and language difficulties. The Blank Model provides a framework for adults to adjust their discourse so that the child learns from the interaction and can build upon this level of interaction.