Predicting – Changes in Position

Predicting – Changes in Position


Level 4

Predicting changes in position
“What will you see if …?”
“Where will the … be if …?”

Explaining the means to a goal
“Why did the …?”
“Why should he …?”

Explaining obstacles to an action
“Why can’t the helicopter  …?”
“Why won’t the …?”

This program can be used with both readers and non-readers alike.  If a child can read, it is suggested that the ‘without words’ version is used to avoid reliance on the written prompt.  Parents or carers have access to the written label in order to guide their child with each task.

It is important for the parent, teacher or clinician to lead the child towards the salient features of the presented information.  Point to a picture, parts of a picture or break down the statements into simple content in order to give the child an opportunity to understand.  If your child appears to be struggling with the questions, it is essential to talk more but at a simple level of understanding so that the child reaches the appropriate response by himself.  Rephrasing the information will ensure that he is able to draw on past experiences or make inferences.  This should help him to understand the question and then offer a solution.

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Contents:  18 pages including instructions

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