Negatives and Exclusions

Negatives and Exclusions


Level 3

Selecting an Object by Exclusion
“Find something that is not …”
“Tell me something that can’t ….”
“Show me something that won’t …”

Citing an Example by Excluding a Class of Objects
“Tell me something that grows but isn’t a plant.”
“Show me something that belongs in the zoo but isn’t a tiger.
“Find a food that is not a vegetable.”

Citing an Example by Excluding a Specific Object
“Name something that can jump but is not a horse.”
“Find something that has leaves but isn’t a tree.”
“Show me something that shines but isn’t a torch.”

Selecting a Set of Objects by Exclusion
“Show me the things that aren’t …”
“Point to the ones that don’t have wheels …”
“Find the food that isn’t …”

The worksheets in this program have been designed to help your child understand negative statements and the concept of exclusion. By working through this program, you will help your child understand that the presence of a negative in a statement generally means that the opposite is true (e.g. “The sky isn’t blue.”).

Each page has three components. If your child becomes distracted easily, you should cover two thirds of the page to maintain his focus on the targeted item. Statements and instructions which target exclusion will require your child to overcome the urge to respond to a key word or salient perceptual material. Commonly used negatives are: “not, can’t, don’t, won’t, isn’t, hasn’t, doesn’t”.

An additional benefit from working through these activities, is the chance to increase your child’s vocabulary. To achieve this, it is important for you to encourage your child to describe or name each picture. If your child does recognise a picture but does not know a word, you should point to the picture and say the word for him whilst encouraging him to copy what you say.

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