Minimal Pairs ch vs t/ts

Minimal Pairs ch vs t/ts


Using Contrastive Pairs
Although many children may progress quickly through a regular articulation program, some respond better using a phonological approach.  This program uses the contrastive phonological approach of Minimal Pairs.  The use of Minimal Pairs is supported by evidence-based practice and has been shown to be an effective and efficient treatment for contrasting vowels or consonants.

Once the ‘ch’ sound has been established in single, meaningful words, this program can be used.   It will help your child hear and use the sound correctly to affect a change in meaning.  Although your child is generally able to identify your ‘ch’ productions, he may use the error sounds ‘t’ or ‘ts’ for any ‘ch’ words.
e.g. He may say …

‘two’ when he means to say ‘chew’

‘mats’ when he means to say ‘match’

‘tin’ when he means to say ‘chin’

As he says the words, he may not recognise that he is using an incorrect sound.  These sound errors can affect his intelligibility and will change the meaning in his connected speech.

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Contents: 52 pages including instructions

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