Identifying Objects Used Together

Identifying Objects Used Together


Level 3 (& Level 4)

Identifying Objects Used With Each Other
Level 3
“Find the one to use with this.”
“What can you use this with?”
“What goes with this?”
“Which objects are used together?”
“Find the one that can be used with … .”

Justifying a Prediction
Level 4

“Why would you use a … to … ?”
“Why does a … go with … ?”
“How does a … go with … ?”
“Why should we use a … to … ?”
Why doesn’t a … go with … ?

This task requires a child to identify objects which can be used together.

The task can be extended to Level 4 where the child is required to explain why objects are used together and why certain objects are not used together.

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Contents: 23 pages including instructions

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