What Will Happen Next?

What Will Happen Next?


Level 3

Describing an event that might happen
Level 3
“What might happen next?”
“What will happen next?”
“What could happen next?”

Describing an event that won’t happen
Level 3
“What won’t happen next?”
“What won’t the boy do next?”

Reasoning, justifying and predicting
Level 4
“Would a bowling ball be a bowling ball if it were made of cotton wool?”
“How could the boy avoid falling off his skateboard?”
“Why shouldn’t the boy ride on top of the bus?”

Contents – Learning to sequence is an important language component for your child. This program will help your child understand and express ordinal and causal relationships. He/she will require sequencing skills to create narratives as his/her language develops. The ability to sequence an event will help your child to organise information and ideas with greater efficiency. As you help your child to sequence stories, this program will also reinforce a number of concepts (first, last, before, after). Working through the program will serve as an early step in developing your child’s ability to produce a story.

Example of a task/activity

Cover the two smaller pictures on the right and ask your child to describe what is happening in the large picture on the left. If your child is unable to describe the event occurring in the large picture, you should model the complete sentence for him/her.  “The boy is buying a cake.”

Next, cover the large picture and uncover the two smaller pictures. Point to each small picture as you ask “What’s happening?” or “What happened …?”  Encourage your child to describe what is happening in each picture. Again you should describe the event/s in the picture for your child if he/she is unable to do so.

Now uncover all three pictures and ask either “What will happen next?” or “What won’t happen next?”
To further extend this activity you may wish to ask additional questions such as…  “What happened before …? What happened after…? What happened first?”

As a final task you may wish to cover all the pictures in the sequence and point to the left side of the page asking “Tell me the story. Tell me what happened.”   (You may need to prompt your child with “next …” and “then …”)

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Contents: 39 pages including instructions

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