Two Characteristics and Barrier Games

Two Characteristics and Barrier Games


Level 2

Attending to two characteristics
Level 2
“Find something that is … and … .”
“Show me one that has … and … .”

Understanding the function of objects
Level 2

“Show me something that you can … and has … .”
“Find one that is for … and has … .”

Attending to two characteristics – This activity will help your child to focus on two features of an object, animal or person. It is important to make sure that your child recognises and is able to name each picture on the page before you ask him to select an item according to your description. While many children are able to recognise subtle characteristics of objects, animals or people, others may need further support to be able to attend to two characteristics at one time. Therefore, before giving your instructions, you may wish to spend some time exploring and talking about each item on the page

Barrier Games – The aim of a barrier game is for one player (the Speaker) to describe his picture whilst the other player (the Listener), recreates an identical picture. The pictures are compared and adjusted (if required) after completion. A barrier is placed between the players.

Two Characteristics

Find the one that lands on water and flies.
Show me the one that lands on a runway and flies. .

Barrier Games

Put the one that has seats and can fly next to the waterfall.
Put the one that has a beak and can fly below the volcano.

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