Semantic Naming

Semantic Naming


Level 2

Citing and grouping an object within a category
Level 2
“Find something that is a food.”
“Noodles, cheese, bread – which group do these belong in?”

All Wise Words Language programs are underpinned by Marion Blank’s Model of Classroom Language. This program will target Level 2 type questions and statements.  Research indicates that we store and retrieve words more easily if they have been organised into “collections”.  Two important ways that we can organise words are according to:

Function – (what we do with something (eat cake), what we use it for (cut with scissors) or what it does (a bird flies).

Semantic Class – A “word family” which includes groups such as food (cake, eggs, bread, cheese), wild animals (zebra, giraffe, lion, monkey), furniture (chair, bed, table, shelves).

These worksheets have been designed to help your child recognise Semantic Categories. Your child will learn to group objects into categories and they will learn to use category labels.

Example of an activity:
Point to the first row of objects on the page.  Encourage or help your child name each object. Say:
“What group do these belong in?”

Now ask your child to find the picture of the vegetable group and place it next to the row of vegetables. Next ask your child:

“Can you tell me another vegetable?”


“Can you find me a different vegetable?”

If your child cannot recall an alternative vegetable to the three already depicted, you may wish to offer him/her a choice of three other objects ….

“Is a giraffe a vegetable?”
“Is a train a vegetable?”
“Is corn a vegetable?  Yes, corn is a vegetable and corn belongs in the vegetable group.”

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