Total Scripts Package

Total Scripts Package



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The Total Scripts Package includes 31 scripts:

Sneezy the Snowman
Rosie’s Walk
Smelly Socks
The Gruffalo
The Gruffalo’s Child
Stick Man
The Smartest Giant in Town
Room on the Broom
A Squash and a Squeeze
Pip & Posy – The Little Puddle
Pip & Posy – The Friendly Snail
Pip & Posy – The New Friend
Pip & Posy – The Christmas Tree
Pip & Posy – The Scary Monster
Pip & Posy – The Bedtime Frog
Pip & Posy – The Big Balloon
Pip & Posy – The Snowy Day
Pip & Posy – The Super Scooter
Where’s Spot?
Spot Goes to the Park
Spot Bakes a Cake
Spot Goes to the Circus
Spot Goes to School
Spot Goes to a Party
Spot Goes to the Farm
Spot’s Birthday Party
Spot Visits his Grandparents
Spot’s Baby Sister
Spot Stay’s Overnight
Spot Goes on Holiday
Spot’s First Easter

You can use books to expand your child’s
• Vocabulary (branch, shivered, paddock, melt, disguise, wind, poisonous, squelchy)
• Understanding of concepts (warm, favourite, enormous, kind )
• Ability to understand questions

Wise Words Scripts – offer clinicians, teachers and parents readily available questions designed specifically for each book. These scripts have been based on Marion Blank’s Model of Classroom Language. Marion Blank recognised the importance of keeping questions and statements within a child’s level of understanding. The more concrete the statement or question, the easier it will be for the child to understand. As questions become more abstract, they become harder for children to answer. The Blank Model is divided into 4 levels of questioning, moving from the concrete (easiest) at Level 1 to the abstract (most difficult) at Level 4.


All Wise Words Programs are sent as a download unless otherwise specified.

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