Sorting Functions

Sorting Functions


Level 2

Sorting the Functions of Objects
Level 2

“What do you do with a …?”
“What do you use a … for?”
“Find me something that you can … with.”
“Find all the ones that I can wear.”
“Find something that I can ride on.”

All Wise Words Language programs are underpinned by Marion Blank’s ‘Model of Classroom Language’. This program will target Level 2 questions and statements. A Level 2 question requires your child to direct her attention to the material directly in front of her, but at the same time she will need to focus more selectively on this material.

Recognising the function of objects is an early concept for children. By using these worksheets, you will help your child understand how objects can be used and what objects can be used for. In addition to identifying objects which match the named function, your child is also encouraged to describe the use of the objects in their selection. Each page contains three different functions with each function represented by three different objects.


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Contents: 20 pages including instructions

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