Naming Functions

Naming Functions


Level 2

Naming the Functions of Objects
Level 2

“What do we do with this?”
“What is a … for?”
“What do we use a … for?”

Completing a Sentence
Level 2
“You finish what I say .. ”
“I kick a …”
“I eat …”
“… is for eating”

These worksheets are targeted at Level 2. The activities will help your child understand the function of objects, what objects are used for and what we do with them.

Research indicates that we store and retrieve words more easily if they have been organised into “collections”. Classifying is an important skill for a child to learn. Understanding the function of objects is generally the first characteristic that a child attaches to an object. Your child will quickly realise that juice is for drinking and that a bed is for sleeping in.

This program ensures that your child will be able to:

  • Select objects according to their function.
  • Sort objects with similar functions.
  • Name the functions of objects.
  • Identify the odd one out by recognising the object’s function.

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Contents: 11 pages including instructions

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