Semantic Matching

Semantic Matching


Level 2

Naming and grouping an object within a category
“Find something that is a food.”
“Hamburger – which group does this belong in?”
“Is it the furniture group?”
“Which group are you collecting?”
“What belongs in your group?”

Citing an Example within a Category
“Name something that is a food.”
“Tell me something that belongs in the kitchen.”
“Find something that is a farm animal.”
“Point to something that belongs in the sky.”

Contents/product description – Research indicates that we store and retrieve words more easily if the words are arranged into ‘collections’. Two important ways that we can sort and group words are by …

  • Function – what we do with something (eat cake), what we use it for (cut with scissors) or what it does (a bird flies).
  • Semantic Class – A ‘word family’ which includes groups such as food (cake, eggs, bread, cheese), wild animals (zebra, giraffe, lion, monkey), furniture (chair, bed, table, shelves).

This program will help to increase your child’s vocabulary by introducing him to the concept of sorting words into groups and labelling these groups. Four objects are placed on the left of each page and the matching four semantic groups are represented on the right of the page. Your child is asked to name each object or category as you point to it. If your child does not know the word/s or cannot find the word in a timely manner, you should name the picture for your child and encourage him to imitate you. You may need to cover all but two pictures on the right of the page to help your child select the correct group. It may be necessary to talk further to help your child make the correct selection …
“Can you wear cheese? Is cheese in the clothes group? Can you eat cheese? Is cheese a food?”

Example of a task/activity

When your child has made the correct selection, encourage him to describe the object and its class as he/she draws the line to match the object to the correct group …

• “Cheese is a food. Cheese belongs in the food group.”

• “I can travel/ride in a tow truck.  A tow truck belongs in the transport group.”

• “An elephant is an animal. An elephant lives in the zoo/the wild.  An elephant belongs in the zoo animal group.”

• “I can play with a puzzle.  A puzzle belongs in the toys group.”

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