Semantic Lotto

Semantic Lotto


Level 2

Citing and grouping an object within a category
Level 2

“Find something that is a food.”
“Hamburger – which group does this belong in?”
“Is it the furniture group?”
“Which group are you collecting?”
“What belongs in your group?”

Attending to two characteristics
Level 2
“Find something that is round and is a food.”
“Noodles, cheese, bread – which group do these belong in?
“Find something that is an animal and has a long neck.”

Level 2 questions require your child to direct their attention on the material directly in front of them, but at the same time he/she will need to focus more selectively on this material.  Research indicates that we store and retrieve words more easily if they have been organised into ‘collections’.  Two important ways that we can organise words are according to:

Function – what we do with something (eat cake), what we use it for (cut with scissors) or what it does (a bird flies).

Semantic Class – A ‘word family’ which includes groups such as food (cake, eggs, bread, cheese), wild animals (zebra, giraffe, lion, monkey), furniture (chair, bed, table, shelves).

The activities in this program will help your child to sort materials into semantic groups and use the collective group name for objects.  For example:
clothes – jumper, jeans, shirt, socks, dress, singlet

fruit – apple, banana, orange, pineapple, grapes, watermelon

The lotto boards, individual object cards and group cards can be used in a number of different activities and games. Varying the task will ensure that your child remains engaged and focused on the activities, whilst repeating the task several times.

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