Semantic Board Games

Semantic Board Games


Level 2

Naming a semantic class
Level 2
“A watermelon, a banana and an orange are all …?”
“What group do toes, eyeballs and shoulders belong in?”
“I went shopping for new clothes.  What did I buy?”

Sorting according to a semantic class
Level 2

“Find all the vegetables.”
“Find something that is an insect.”
“Show me all the farm animals.”

Citing an example within a category
Level 2
“Name something that is a drink.”
“Tell me something that is a vegetable.”
“Show me something that belongs in the transport group.”
“I went to the zoo. Tell me something that I saw at the zoo.”

Contents/product description – This program targets Blank’s Level 2 questions and statements. Playing the games provided in this program will help your child to understand that objects can be grouped into categories and that categories have labels (fruit, vegetables, clothes, tools, zoo animals). Playing a number of different games all targeting the same language goal will further stablise these concepts whilst ensuring that your child is engaged.

Research indicates that we store and retrieve words more easily if they have been organised into ‘collections’. Working through these activities will help to increase your child’s vocabulary and improve his/her word finding skills. A child may ‘know’ a word and he may point to the appropriate object when it is named but he may not be able to retrieve the word at all or be able to retrieve the word in a timely manner.  Playing the games in this program will  be enjoyable for your child and should ensure that he/she repeats the tasks numerous times which will help him/her fully understand the concept.

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Contents: 21 pages including instructions

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