Functions – Board Games

Functions – Board Games


Level 2

Identifying objects according
to their function/use
Level 2
““What do you use … for?”
“What do you use to …?”
“What do you do with a …?”
“Find something that you can…”

Scanning for an object defined by its function
Level 2

“Find something that you can dig with.”
“Show me something that I can use to …”
“Point to the ones that I can drink.”
“Touch the ones that you can drive.”

This program provides opportunities to teach more verbs and help children understand that objects have functions – Playing the games provided in this program will increase your child’s command of verbs (action words) and help to expand his/her vocabulary and sentences. Working through the provided activities will help your child understand the link between objects and functions and will ensure that he/she remains engaged in the presented tasks.

Research indicates that vocabulary size is a major contributor to language development. It is important for children to make a meaningful connection between an object and an action and thus expand their vocabulary. Verbs lay the foundation for the meaning of early sentences. Providing additional connections such as understanding functions, helps a child learn and find words in a more timely manner.

Example of a game:

This This game does not require a die. The movement cards describe an action. These cards are cut up and placed face down in a pile next to the board. Each player takes turns to pick up a card from the pile, saying the words …

“Move to something that you can …”
The player moves his/her counter to the first square on the track which matches the action card selected. Cards are placed in the discard pile after each turn. When all the cards have been discarded, the stack should be turned over and the players continue drawing cards from the pile, creating a sentence and moving to a matching object until one player reaches the finish.

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