Explaining an Inference

Explaining an Inference


Level 4

Explaining an inference
“How can you tell that …?”
“How do you know that …?”

Explaining obstacles to an action
“Why can’t the …?”
“Why won’t the …?”

Formulating a solution
“What could she do …?”
“What should the … do …?”

Justifying a prediction
“What will happen if …?”
“Why can’t …?”
“Why shouldn’t …?”

Justifying a decision – based on essential and
non-essential characteristics
“If a … were … would it still be …?”
“If a … were made of … would it still be …?

Working through this program will improve your child’s verbal organisation. The program will allow your child to attend to and process information, whilst retrieving and comparing this information to past experiences. Your child will need to compare the new verbal information with information which has already been stored. Each scene will offer him/her the opportunity to develop an understanding of more abstract language. It will also improve his/her ability to ignore non-relevant material, yet retain the relevant features or information from each scene. This program will target

  • Inferential Reasoning – the ability to draw a conclusion based on the facts and previous experiences.
  • Problem Solving – the ability to identify obstacles and then formulate a solution to a problem.
  • Justifying a Prediction – the ability to explain why an event may take place and why certain actions or behaviours should be avoided.
  • Justifying a Decision – based on essential and non-essential characteristics of an object.

Example of a task/activity – The Hairdresser

  • How can you tell that the boy is having a haircut?
  • How do you know that the hairdresser hasn’t finished cutting his hair?
  • How do you know that the boy is at the hairdresser?
  • Why is the boy wearing a cape?
  • Why does the boy need to go to the hairdresser?
  • What should the hairdresser do after the boy leaves?

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