The Wise Words Screening Tool

The Wise Words Screening Tool


(‘Spot Bakes a Cake’ by Eric Hill)

A Screening tool based on the Blank’s Model of Classroom Language
This simple test, based on the Blank’s Model of Classroom Language
(Blank, Rose & Berlin 1978), offers teachers and clinicians a screening tool which is quick and easy to administer.
The pictures in the book ‘Spot Bakes a Cake’ provide the stimulus for the questions.

Contents – A range of questions/instructions represent all four levels of Blank’s model. This screener offers two questions/instructions at each level for each picture presented. Space is provided beneath these questions for the clinician/teacher to transcribe the child’s response. It is not necessary to ask every question and many children would be unable to sustain interest if all questions were posed.
The questions have been arranged into two sets to ensure that a variety of question types is included in each set.

For screening purposes, one set is highlighted on the test form. It is recommended that you ask only one set of questions as each set of questions will ensure that you gain a functional picture of a child’s level of understanding. This simple screening tool can be used to plan goals for children and will monitor a child’s progress over time.

On completion of the screener, the clinician or teacher enters the raw score of the number of questions asked at each level and the number of correct responses. The number correct at each level is then calculated as a percentage.

The criteria referred to in this screener are provided by Marion Blank et al in the following publications …
• The Language of Learning: The Preschool Years – Blank, Rose & Berlin,1978
• Preschool Language Assessment Instrument (PLAI) – Blank, Rose, Berlin, Laura, 1978

Examples of questions provided in the screener:

Level 3
Selecting an object by excluding a specific object
Find something that is red but is not an apple.

Selecting an alternative
Sally is holding a cloth. Tell me something else that she could use to pick up the cake.

Describing an event that might happen
Sally is reading her shopping list. What will she do next?

Defining a word
What is an egg? Tell me what an egg is.

Identifying Similarities
This is a card and this is an envelope. How are these things the same?

Generalising about a set of events
(Point to the bones scattered on the table.) What happened to these bones?

Citing an example by excluding a set of objects
Tell me something that you can’t wear.

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Contents: 7 pages with scoring and score forms

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