Semantic Sorting

Semantic Sorting


Level 2

Naming a Semantic Class
Level 2

“Hamburger, cheese and bread are all …?”
“What group do hamburger,cheese
and bread belong in?”
“I went shopping and I saw some food.”
“What food could I have seen?”

Sorting According to Semantic Class
Level 2
“Find all the food.”
“Find something that is a food.”
“Show me all the food.”

All Wise Words Language programs are underpinned by Marion Blank’s “Model of Classroom Language”. This program will target Level 2 questions and statements. The activities in this program will help your child to sort materials into groups and use the collective group name for objects. Research indicates that we store and retrieve words more easily if they have been organised into “collections”. Two important ways that we can organize words are according to:
Function – what we do with something (eat cake)
Semantic Class – A “word family” which includes groups such as food (cake, eggs, bread)

This program will focus your child’s attention on the concept of Semantic Groups. He/she will learn how to group objects into categories and how to use category labels. Three semantic groups are represented on each page and your child is required to identify the objects which belong in a specific semantic group.

Example of an activity:
Give your child a coloured pencil and ask him/her to find all the farm animals.  Your child will circle and name each farm animal as he/she finds it on the page.

Next, give your child a different coloured pencil and ask him/her to find all the fruit.

Now give your child another coloured pencil and ask your child to find all the clothes.

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Contents: 26 pages including instructions

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