Selecting the Means to a Goal

Selecting the Means to a Goal


Level 4

Selecting the Means to a Goal
Level 4

“What should I use to …?”
“What could I do to …?”
“What could he wear if …?”

Explaining the Means to a Goal
Level 4

“Why should she use…?”
“Why shouldn’t she use ..?”
“Why did you pick that one?”

The activities presented in this Level 4 program reflect more complex verbal problems. These activities will require your child to reason about things that may, might, could or would happen. Your will need to go beyond what can be immediately seen or perceived. He/she will need to reflect on previously gained information and use this information to solve the problem.

The large circle in the middle of the page contains the “problem” which your child will need to solve. This picture will set the scene for your child but it will not give your child the answer to the question.

Possible solutions to each problem are located in the four smaller circles which are placed in each corner of the page. Some solutions have been chosen in order to deliberately challenge your child. For your child to offer the correct solution they will have had to completely understand the statement and understand the question.

Example of a problem:

This problem is related to cleaning the floor.The following solutions are offered:

A washing machine – this is something used for cleaning clothes.

Soap – again something for cleaning.

A carpet – something that is found on the floor.

A mop and bucket – the correct answer for cleaning the floor.

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