Functions Lotto

Functions Lotto


Level 2

Naming the functions of objects
Level 2

“What do we do with this?”
“What is a … for?”
“What do we use this for?”

Citing an example within a category
Level 2
“Yesterday I bought something to eat.  What could I have bought?”
“My naughty dog chewed my clothes.  What clothes did he chew?”

These worksheets are targeted at  Level 2 of Marion Blank’s ‘Model of Classroom Language’.  The activities will help your child understand the function of objects, what the objects are used for and what we do with them.

Function – describes …

  • What we do with something (eat cake).
  • What we use it for (cut with scissors).
  • What it does or what it can do (a helicopter flies, a bee can sting).

This program ensures that your child will be able to …

  • Select objects according to their function.
  • Sort objects with similar functions.
  • Name the functions of objects.
  • Identify the odd one out by recognising the object’s function.

Research indicates that we store and retrieve words more easily if they have been organised into ‘groups’.  Classifying is an important skill for a child to learn.  Understanding the function of objects is generally the first characteristic that a child attaches to an object.  Your child will quickly realise that juice is for drinking and that a bed is for sleeping in.

This program will help to increase your child’s vocabulary and improve his retrieval of words by creating an awareness that objects have functions.  Working through these activity sheets will assist your child to understand the functions and uses of objects.  As you work through this program, it is important that your questions and statements are adjusted so that your conversation is kept within your child’s skill level.  If your child does not appear to understand you, or he responds inappropriately to your question or statement, you should talk more about the task, the activities or objects.  This will help to increase your child’s understanding of the conversation or task.  Your language should always be explicit.  You should not assume that your child will be able to imply something from your statement unless you have explained it fully.  If your child understands the instruction, he is more likely to attend to the task and if successful, will maintain his confidence and feel encouraged to participate in further activities

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