Wise Words Australia Total Language Package

Wise Words Australia Total Language Package


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The Total Language Package includes both assessment tools and ALL programs at all 4 levels of understanding.

The Wise Words Screening Tool
The Wise Words Screening Advantage

Level 1
Matching Objects

Level 2
Functions Lotto
Fish for Functions
Naming Functions
Sorting Functions
Matching Functions
Functions Board Games
Semantic Naming
Semantic Sorting
Semantic Lotto
Semantic Matching
Semantic Families
Semantic Board Games
Two Characteristics Barrier games

Level 3
Identifying Parts of a Whole and Exclusions (Levels 2 – 4)
Identifying Similarities and Differences (Levels 2 – 3)
Word Definitions Mind Map 1
Word Definitions Mind Map 2
Word Definitions Mind Map 3
What Will Happen Next?
Selecting an Alternative
Negatives and Exclusions
Explaining Similarities
Identifying Objects Used Together

Level 4
Explaining the Logic of Compound Words
Explaining an Inference
Justifying a Decision Based on Characteristics
Selecting the Means to a Goal
Selecting a Tool
Predicting Changes in Position
Explaining the Reason for an Action

The Wise Words Screening Tool provides range of questions/instructions representing all four levels of Blank’s model.  It offers two questions/instructions at each level for each picture presented.  Space is provided beneath these questions for the clinician/teacher to transcribe the child’s response.  This simple screening tool can be used to plan goals for children and will monitor a child’s progress over time.

The Wise Words Screening Advantage offers an assessment tool which can be administered quickly. The provided tables enable a teacher or clinician to analyse responses, devise goals and track a child’s progress over time. The screener consists of 10 colour stimulus pictures with a range of questions/instructions representing all four levels of Blank’s model.

All (twenty nine) Wise Words Language programs are included in this package.  These programs have been designed to support a child’s language development from the early, concrete language of a younger child to the older child where the perceptual language distance has increased significantly and where language is used to problem solve and reason about materials and experiences. The Blank’s levels are fluid and the Wise Words Programs assist a child to work through each level to a higher level of understanding.  Each program can stand alone. There are a number of different programs available at Levels 2 – 4 to ensure firm understanding and assist in generalisation.  The instructions for the programs have been written for a lay person and give detailed information on how to use the program. All programs are printed in black and white to ensure fast, cost effective printing.

All Wise Words Programs are sent as a download unless otherwise specified.

To ship a USB, please add either Australian (A$20) or International (A$55) shipping to shopping cart.


Contents: 31 Language Programs including the assessments – The Wise Words Screening Tool & The Wise Words Screening Advantage

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