Identifying Parts of a Whole and Exclusions

Identifying Parts of a Whole and Exclusions


Levels 2 – 4

Attending to Two Characteristics
Naming the Parts of Objects
Identifying an Object by its Function
Level 2

“Find something that is round and we can eat.”
“What is this part of a … called?”
“What do we use this for?”

Selecting an Object by Exclusion
Selecting a Set of Objects by Exclusion
Level 3

“Find all the ones that are not animals.”
“Tell me something that is not big.”
“Show me something that can jump but is not a horse.”

Reasoning and Problem Solving
Level 4
“If a bicycle wheel were square would it still be a wheel?”
“Why are gumboots made of rubber?”
“What will happen if …?”
“Why is a raincoat called a raincoat?”

The first part of this program has been designed to help your child recognise and name parts of objects and respond to questions which focus on the object’s properties and functions. (eg Selecting an object according to two characteristics – “Find the one that has an engine and wings.”)

The second part of this program targets exclusion.  This requires your child to overcome the urge to respond to a key word or salient perceptual material. (eg “Point to something that you can eat but isn’t round.  Find something that flies in the sky but doesn’t have wings.”)

The final part of this program represents complex verbal problems that require a child to reason about what may, might, could or would happen to material/objects under specific circumstances. Your child will need to problem solve and formulate solutions using logic and past knowledge. Although the question may relate to an object pictured on the page, the solution to the question is not present.

Example of tasks/activities

Level 2
Find something round which we can eat.
What’s this part of a helicopter called?

Level 3
Point to something that you can eat but isn’t round.
Point to something that is a boat but doesn’t have sails.

Level 4
Why isn’t a beach ball made of wood?
Would a soccer ball still be a soccer ball if it were an oval shape?

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