Explaining Similarities

Explaining Similarities


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Explaining Similarities

Level 3
“Find the ones that go together best.”

“Find the ones that match.”

“How are these the same?”

“How do these go together?”

This program targets a child’s ability to understand and explain relationships between words.  Working through these activities will support a child when comparing and contrasting items.

By developing a child’s ability to recognise similarities, you will expand his vocabulary as well as his ability to classify, contrast and develop an understanding of logical relationships.

Consolidating ideas and concepts is an important skill for children.  Although a child may be able to recognise differences between words, he/she cannot always explain how words can share similarities.

The child will be required to perceive relationships between items which may, or may not, be immediately obvious.  Level 3 questions are generally more complex and subtle.  He/she may be required to rely on past experiences and or knowledge, rather than rely on the ‘here and now’ features or the more obvious characteristics.

A set of pictures may have more than one similarity.  For example ….
a foot, a face and toes are similar as they are all parts of the body (the same semantic class).  Now it becomes necessary for the child to recognise the closer relationship, that the toes are a part of a foot.




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