Explaining a Reason for an Action

Explaining a Reason for an Action


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Level 4

Explaining the reason for an action

Why is the boy carrying a surfboard?
Why is the boy collecting eggs?
Why is the boy pushing the doorbell?
Why is the girl bringing her skateboard?


Explaining an inference

How can you tell that the girl might be
making a snowman?
How can you tell that the girl may be
going to the beach?

This program targets Level 4 of Marion Blank’s ‘Model of Classroom Language’.  Working through the activities provided in this program will increase your child’s understanding of ‘Why?’ questions’.  The program will support a child to understand:

  • Why a person may select a tool or object.
  • Why a person acts in a certain manner.

The provided materials will help to establish the child’s ability to problem solve and offer explanations for actions.  This program can be used with both readers and non-readers alike.  Questions are used to guide your child through the thinking process so that he will reach the appropriate conclusion without being provided with the answer.

It is important for the parent, teacher or clinician to lead the child towards the salient features of the presented problem.  It may become necessary for the adult to break down the problem scenario into smaller parts to give the child the opportunity to understand.  It is then essential to talk more, at a simple level, in language that the child understands.  Rephrasing the information will ensure that the child is able to make inferences, understand the question and then offer an appropriate response.

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