10% Discount Applied to Total Package (See individual programs for details and examples.) The Total Articulation Package includes 11 Articulation Programs.  This consists of 6 consonant and 4 vowel programs. Consonant - 'L' Consonant - 'th' voiceless Consonant - 'th' voiced Consonant - 'r' Consonant - 's' Consonant - Minimal Pairs - 'k' vs 't' Vowel - 'ir' Vowel - 'air' Vowel - 'eh' Vowel - Minimal Pairs - 'ir' vs 'or' Wise Words Articulation Programs support clinicians, teachers and parents to establish 'new' (correct) sounds into their child's speech. Each program supplies detailed instructions for every task and game. The instructions have been written in a clear manner for a non-professional to follow. Numerous games are provided. These games have been designed to be fun and interactive and will ensure that the child remains engaged and compliant. Playing the games will help the child to generalise the ‘new’ sound into their everyday speech.